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The domination of Link Exchange and Page Rank in the Search Engine Marketing industry has made it a necessity for websites to acquire RELEVANT LINK EXCHANGES in order to drive their individual site PR RANKING. The search engines see sites with more inbound links as more important. Relevant, same product or service category, inbound links are given more weight than other links, and are seen by the search engines as a reputable "vote" for the quality of a site. Good quality, relevant links improve your website's search engine rankings. Conversly, poor links, link farms, links from unrelated sites, at best, do nothing to help your site, and at worst can even HURT your rankings.

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Websites join our service in relevant categories; similar to the DMOZ Project. They then are subjected to our in-house staff analysis for a thorough review process. Once accepted, these relevant sites exchange links, using multiple keywords and descriptions, choosen to establish the context of your product or service.