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How does the SEO Platform work?

Our SEO Platform operates in association with, but independently from, your website. Therefore, traditional SEO on-page optimization is not required. The SEO Platform system creates a site within your site that is rich in exclusive, relevant content, perfectly optimized and supplied with keyword relevant inbound links.

When Should I Expect Results?

The answer is, just about immediately. As soon as the SEO Platform is attached properly to your website, you will see results in your first ranking report. What we ask our Clients to keep in mind is that Organic search results differ from Pay Per Click in that one, PPC, is instant, while the other takes a little time. Although results can be seen right away, we ask our clients to give the system 6 months to a year in order to see it at its full potential. Having said that, most clients will see noticable results within weeks.

Professional Keyword Research & Analysis
Our staff will analyze your selection and make suggestions or choose for you.

Easy-To-Use Member Control Panel
Easily track progress and control certain aspects of your SEO campaign.

Keyword Resource Library
75 word paragraphs added to your home page in an elegant lytebox to boost relevancy.

Enhanced Keyword Resource Page
An easy to use interface to add a page dedicated to your keyword which supplements your keyword resource library.

Business Log Blogging Platform
A blog platform can be optionally installed providing you an additional method to increase relevant keyword content.

Search Engine Submission
Automatic submission to Google, Yahoo, and Bing every time a change or an update to your site is made.

Relevant Reciprocal Link Building
Our system will automatically identify website partners that are relevant to your content.


Website Up Time Monitoring
We will ping your website every 5 minutes and report any downtime to you.

BI Monthly Ranking Reports
Our ranking reports will let you know exactly where you stand on the SERP's .

Auto Updating XML Sitemap
Every 30 days a sitemap will be automatically generated and submitted.

Monthly Link Report
Monitor and manage both one-way and reciprocal links through your link report.

Branded Plugin Pages
Any and all pages added to your website will be 100% branded to your site.

Human Powered Link Management
All linking recommendations are reviewed by one of our SEO professional's prior to submission.

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